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Shoutout for bleodswean

My SOA/TWD fandom sister bleodswean is through to the LJ Idol (original writing) final; if you feel so inclined, please go here, have a look at her final entry, and vote if you like it. Thank you :-)

[Repost] New Year's Wishes and gifts

So very much all of this (including 'Good Omens' which I've been listening to and is a lot of fun) And NG's theme of forgiveness for this year ties in with my previous post. I can't make others forgive me, but I can forgive myself.

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[Repost XKCD] Where Do Birds Go

A reminder that humanity isn't completely shit :-)

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Originally posted by jola at ooooh, we feminists are sooooo scary
Who knew we were so powerful? Apparently we can ruin lives just by existing! Seriously, god forbid you should posit something so fucking radical as having some more representation in video-games (content and development), seriously, death threats?

I would actually LOVE to talk to someone who's life has been RUINED by feminism. seriously. Who? OMG, I have to treat women like people???? RUINED!!!! ::falls to knees and claws the air dramatically::

here is a helpful list of who is to blame for your inability to find dates, get your ideal job, interact socially and get everything you think you deserve in life: YOU. (or nobody, maybe you don't actually deserve all that stuff)

Here is a helpful list of what the world doesn't revolve around: YOU.

EDIT (copied from a comment in another LJ on this topic:

and every time a female friend on FB has posted about this there has been an OUTPOURING of "not all men" ... while I get it, if I was a guy I wouldn't want to get lumped in w/ these assholes either ... the effect is whatever discussion was happening was simply drowned out by men's voices.

it's such a clusterfuck to watch.

I guess I don't understand why, when a woman says "I hate it when a guy does this" random guys all have to jump in to say, at length that THEY don't do that and maybe in certain situations it's ok anyway and why are we talking so much about it ::waily waily::

jesus, take it as a chance to reflect on if you do that, if you don't go on w/ your life happy you are one of the good guys! Is it really that hard to understand that some things are not things to be debated? like "oh I think that was rude" or "I would feel threatened in that situation" or "that's happened to me!" are personal experience and subjective thoughts not up for debate. Debate strategies and solutions, not feelings and experiences!

Here, again, still.

Have reactivated my Dreamwidth account. September was the new February, or something. Probably will still just keep it as a mirror of my Livejournal though. Oh, and I'm also now on Ello.

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[Repost] Audrey and Givenchy

Fantastic post by Nicole about one of the most iconic fashion collaborations of the 20th Century.

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Audrey Hepburn and Hubert de Givenchy – one of the greatest collaborations in the history of fashion.

I’ve been treating myself to some Audrey films lately: first Sabrina, and then Charade. She’s wonderful!

I was travelling on the Metro in Paris, when I noticed the headlines: “Audrey Hepburn est morte”, so for me Audrey and Paris will always go together: I’m sure she would approve. She loved Paris, and Paris loved her – both Sabrina and Charade feature scenes in Paris and it was here that she met the young Givenchy at his first, informal fashion show. Audrey was sixteen but she didn’t forget: “when the time came and she could choose, she thought, ‘That’s the guy.’”

Audrey was impossibly slim and chic, and yet, childlike and joyous. You got the feeling that she would be enormous fun, that she didn’t take herself too seriously and that for her, dressing well was about taste and quality – and then wearing couture like it was the most natural thing in the world!

She became Givenchy’s muse and wore his designs in her films – here are some snaps I found on Pinterest. I love her style, it’s simple and elegant and uniquely Audrey. Fussy clothes would swamp her delicate frame but these allow her to shine.

She said of Givenchy “His are the only clothes in which I feel myself. He is far more than a couturier, he is a creator of personality.” Something tells me that Audrey had copious personality, it was Givenchy’s fashions that offered the freedom to express it.

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Long time no post again. I see LJ's completely changed its UI. Fine.

An open letter to brogrammers

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Computer programming is a tough job. It's not for the faint of heart or the fair of sex. It's grueling, high-stress work, demanding that you sit on a comfortable chair in an air-conditioned office for hours on end, typing on a keyboard while looking at a monitor. Women just aren't rugged enough for that.

Plus, as everyone knows, women can't code. At best, they can maybe contribute in their small way to large open-source projects, but really, they're much better suited for accessorizing PowerPoint presentations written by real coders. Manly coders.

If this is the world you live in, bro, I'm afraid I have some really bad news for you.

I'd like to introduce you to someone. This is Augusta Ada King, Countess of Lovelace. She was a lady's lady, an aristocrat who lived in the 1800s and who did all of the things young women of noble birth did back then--danced, wrote poetry, and penned long flowery letters to her tutor.

She also wrote the world's first computer program in 1842, in the margins of a technical document she was translating from Italian into English.

Yes, you read that right. Ada was so fucking baller she wrote code before computers had even been invented. You think you're hardcore because you can use agile development strategies to link a big data repository to a high-performance querying front end without SQL? Pfaff. This woman invented coding before there was anything to code on.

And then there's this woman, who could kick your ass sideways, steal your lunch, and then fart out code better than anything you'll ever be capable of if you live to be a thousand years old.

This is "Amazing" Grace Hopper. She dropped out of Harvard to join the Navy, where she invented or helped invent the entirety of all modern computer science, including nearly every pansy-ass tool your pansy ass laughingly refers to as "coding." Compared to her, you're nothing but a little kid playing with Tinker toys. Tinker toys she invented, by the way.

Yeah, I know, I know. You think you're all badass and shit because you can get your hands right down there and compile a custom Linux kernel with your own task scheduler that reduces overhead for context changes by 16%, and...

Ha, ha, ha, ha, you are just so cute! It's absolutely precious how you think that's hardcore. That kind of shit is duck soup. Seriously, no-brains-required duck fucking soup compared to what she did. That C compiler you love so much? Grace Hopper invented the whole idea of writing code in a language that isn't machine code and then compiling it to something that is. She was the one who came up with the notion of a "compiler" (and wrote the very first one ever), pausing along the way to invent code testing and profiling.

Thanks to her, you're living in the lap of luxury. you can write code without having to know the exact DRAM timing. You have conditional branches and loops--neither of which existed when she started programming the Harvard Mark 1. (She made loops by taking long strips of paper tape and, no shit, taping their ends together to get the computer to execute the same code again.)

You want to see hardcore programming? I'll show you hardcore programming:

This is what real hardcore coders do. No compilers, no syntax checkers, just a teletype machine and a bunch of fucking switches that change the computer's memory and registers directly.

And you know what? For her, that was luxury. She and all the other early computer programmers--almost all of whom were women, by the way--started out programming by plugging patch cords into plugboards, because that's how they rolled, motherfucker. Fuck keyboards, fuck front-panel switches...those things were soft. If you wanted to code back then, you needed a postgraduate degree in mathematics, an intimate understanding of every single component inside the computer, and the ability to route data with your bare fucking hands.

Grace Hopper was so badass that when she retired from the military, Congress passed a special act to bring her back. Twice. And then when she retired for real (for the third time), the Navy named a guided missile destroyer after her.

Trust me when I say you will never be this badass, bro.

So the next time you see something like this:

and you think that girls can't code, just remember girls invented coding. And invented the tools that finally let softies like you play at being programmers. They did the heavy lifting so programming could be easy enough for noobs like you.
I bought my mother one of those generic smart TV boxes running Android 4.2, with the aim of it being a PVR for my smaller digital TV which she is now using in her bedroom as the analogue signal has been switched off in Melbourne; but cannot find, at least on Google, a port of the MythTV backend available for Android. Compiling it from source is not an option, so does anyone know of an alternative that isn't IceTV, as I don't want to pay a subscription?

The box is quite good btw, although the lack of information in the user manual (and what there is being in Engrish) is frustrating. The ABC iView app works on it!

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